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Our branch Representatives have been working very hard with the company insuring that we protect you and our industry In these difficult times both at work and those working from home, this pandemic has hit everyone hard and has highlight the bravery and commitment of the UK’s workforce in these unprecedented times.

We have been working with Rolls-Royce to ensure that those that remain in work have access to the correct PPE to carry out your work in a safe environment ensuring that we maintain social distancing in the work place and those working from home get the support that they need.

The GMB has set up the Coronavirus Hub you can access this on the national website. Just click on the resources box then union related resources, you will find help to your questions related to furlough scheme, workers rights, updates from the GMB and Government and others on the coronavirus. Health and safety advice and questions on PPE, you can also access Unionline on up to date advise from your legal team.

Please continue to check your emails and site noticeboards for updates.

Please stay safe.


Posted: 24th April 2020

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